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3s ImpexBD is a leading pet food company that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Whiskas Importer Wholesaler Distributor in Bangladesh Whiskas not only imports, wholesales and distributes Whiskas products but also manufactures some of them. The company is well-known for its extensive range of brands which are available at different prices to suit every customer’s budget. Every year, Whiskas strives to offer innovative new products based on emerging trends in the market so as to keep up with changing lifestyles and expectations of their customers.

We are Whiskas Importer Wholesaler Distributor in Bangladesh. We offer Whiskas pet food and other cat products at our retail stores and online store. For more information, please visit us on our website:

What is Whiskas?

In a world where the love for our furry friends transcends borders, Whiskas, a global brand of cat food created by Mars Incorporated, has become a household name for cat owners everywhere. This renowned brand has now found its way to the hearts and homes of cat lovers in Bangladesh, thanks to a dedicated importer wholesaler distributor network that ensures your feline companions receive the finest in international cat cuisine.

Whiskas: A Global Feline Favorite

Whiskas, owned by the esteemed American company Mars, Incorporated, stands as a beacon of quality and nutrition in the realm of cat food. Internationally acclaimed, it offers an array of flavors, packaged in convenient tins or pouches, catering to the diverse tastes of our beloved feline friends. Whether you prefer the ease of pre-packaged options or the freshness of at-home preparations, Whiskas has you covered with its delectable range of meaty pieces, savory sauces, and crunchy biscuits.

Meeting the Growing Pet Culture in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a country witnessing a surge in pet culture, has seen a rising awareness of animal rights and a growing population of pet lovers. However, space constraints often limit the ability of individuals to keep pets at home. Whiskas cat food emerges as a solution to this predicament, now accessible through a well-established importer wholesaler distributor network in Bangladesh. This network ensures a seamless ordering process, from initiation to delivery, at wholesale prices, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and providing a direct link to the supplier.

Wholesale Convenience and Quality Assurance

Choosing Whiskas through the importer wholesaler distributor network in Bangladesh not only guarantees affordability but also eliminates the need for middlemen. This translates to direct deliveries from the supplier, ensuring that customers receive their orders without additional costs. The portfolio includes wet, dry, and treated varieties of cat food, offering a comprehensive selection to meet the diverse needs and preferences of cats.

Whiskas: Beyond Food, a Commitment to Wellness

Whiskas doesn’t merely stop at providing delicious meals for your feline companions. The brand is committed to the overall well-being of cats and offers veterinary services to address their health needs comprehensively. From nutritious food to essential veterinary care, Whiskas strives to provide everything a cat needs to lead a happy and healthy life.

A Glimpse into Whiskas Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food Adult 1+ Years

One of Whiskas’ standout products is the Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food designed for adult cats aged 1 year and above. This complete meal is meticulously crafted to meet the daily nutritional requirements of cats, ensuring they receive a balance of essential nutrients for optimal health.

  • Variety for Adult Cats: Perfect for cats over one year old, providing a diverse diet that caters to their evolving tastes and nutritional needs.

  • Premium Nutritional Blend: Packed with a robust protein punch and enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, including taurine, omega fatty acids, niacin, vitamin A acetate, and iron.

  • Low Sodium Balance: Maintaining a perfect balance at low sodium levels, the food promotes preventative nutrition, potentially saving on vet visits downstream.

Whiskas has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of pet care in Bangladesh, offering not just cat food but a commitment to the well-being of our feline companions. With a global reputation for excellence, Whiskas brings affordable and high-quality options directly to cat owners in Bangladesh, ensuring that every feline friend receives the care they deserve. Embrace the Whiskas experience, where every meal is a testament to love and nutrition.

Caring for your beloved cat means understanding their evolving nutritional needs. Whiskas offers a delectable range of meals specifically formulated for various life stages, ensuring tailored nutrition for kittens and adult cats leading active lifestyles.

Crafted after meticulous testing on diverse age groups, Whiskas meals cater to all feline palates, ensuring a delightful dining experience without allergens. Each meal is a testament to Whiskas’ commitment to providing age-appropriate, nutritious dishes for every cat.

Essential to your cat’s well-being is a healthy coat, and Whiskas’ fortified food, enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids from ocean fish, serves this purpose impeccably. Moreover, as the authorized Whiskas Importer, Wholesaler, and Distributor, a complimentary 400gm pack accompanies every purchase of the 3kg bag of Adult Ocean Fish Drools Cat dry food.

In Bangladesh, Whiskas stands as a pinnacle in cat nutrition, renowned for its premium quality dry cat food, featuring real ocean fish pieces. Beyond ensuring a natural coat and overall health, this food source is a rich supplement of essential fatty acids, contributing to your cat’s radiant and healthy coat.

Elevate your cat’s care routine with Whiskas – a brand that not only nourishes but also pampers your feline friend with optimal nutrition and a lustrous, healthy coat.