Bangladesh is a country where the culture of cats and dogs has been increasing day by day as people are becoming more aware of animal rights. There are many pet lovers in Bangladesh who love to have pets but due to space constraints, they can’t keep one at their homes. Now it’s time for them to relax because Whiskas cat food is now available here through an importer wholesaler distributor network that will take care of your order from start till end. The company offers wholesale prices which means you’ll get them cheaper than the market price and there won’t be any middleman involved so you can expect a direct delivery from the supplier’s side without having to pay anything extra on top of the price!

Their portfolio includes wet, dry, and treated varieties of cat food. Whiskas also provides veterinary services to help ensure your cat’s wellness.

Adult dog food Chicken and egg 1.2 kg

Adult cat food mackerel 3 kg

Adult cat food ocean fish 1.2 kg

Adult cat food real chicken 3 kg

Adult cat food tuna and salmon 3 kg

Focus adult dog food
4 kg

Kitten cat food ocean fish 400 gm

Optimum performance adult dog food 20 kg

Puppy dog food chicken and egg 1.2 kg

Absolute calcium tablet-50 pcs

Absolute salmon oil
150 ML

Skin + Coat amazon syrup (300ML)

Absolute skin coat + tablet- 50 pcs

Absolute vitamins tablets- 50 pcs

Absolute vitamins
300 ML

Absolute calcium bone jar (300GM)

Absolute calcium milk bone (190GM)

Power bites strawberry (135GM)

Biscute milk flavour (905GM)

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Biscute mutton flavour
1 kg

Biscute real chicken flavour 1 kg

Sausage real chicken 250GM

Sausage real liver