Best Cat Litter For Odor Control And Dust-Free

There are many things that come to your mind when you think about cat litter. First of all, you will think about whether it is really needed or not. There are many types of cat litter available in the market which claim to be odor-free and dust-free, but the truth is that none of them is completely free from these two factors.

Here is what you need to know about each type of cat litter.

Powder-based cat litter

It is the easiest way to clean the house, but it has some drawbacks. Powder-based cat litters are very dusty and they make the house dirty. They don’t absorb the smell of urine and feces. If you use powder-based cat litter then you will get a huge amount of dust in your home.

Chewable litters

These are usually made of wheat flour and other ingredients. It absorbs urine and feces and also it prevents odors. These litters are not only good but also very safe. You don’t need to worry about the dust.

Prodiet-Cat litter-lemon

Clay-based cat litters

These litters are the best because of the odor control. You don’t need to worry about the dust and the odors, but the downside of these litters is that it is not very safe. It is not good for cats. If you have a small cat, then you should go for clay-based litter.

Sorbent litters

The main purpose of these litters is to absorb the smells and keep them away from your nose. These litters are good for your cat but you will get a lot of dust. You should choose the one that has low dust content.


If you have a big cat then you should go for the clay-based litter. But if you have a small cat, then you can go for the powder-based litter. All four types of litter are good, but you need to select the one that is good for you and your cat.